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Kudos Awards 2022

Enter the contest

Is your brand using Khoros technology to deliver world-class digital customer experiences with strategies and results that others can learn from? Share your stories and successes with the third annual Khoros Kudos Awards!

Kudos comes from the Greek word for praise — which is exactly what these awards are all about — praising our customers who find ways to save time, money, and build customers for life with Khoros’ platform. We give kudos in Atlas, the Khoros Community Atlas solution, to give praise on a daily basis. For this contest, giving kudos to an award submission will be a key part of the first round of voting.

Winners will be announced on Atlas and Khoros social channels, and will receive an award at Khoros Engage in September. During the conference, award submissions will be on display for attendees to read. Winners will be invited to submit a short video, walking through their success story to be shared with all attendees.

Check out this year’s categories below:

Holistic Customer Engagement Platform Recognizing a customer who has most effectively showcased success in utilizing multiple or all of the Khoros solutions, integrated across departments, as a unified engagement platform.

Best-in-Class: Community Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize communities to generate growth and accomplish their company mission.

Best-in-Class: Digital Recognizing a customer who has utilized digital channels (mobile messaging, web chat, etc.) or conversational AI (customer & agent-facing bots) to reduce costs, grow revenue, and drive greater employee and customer satisfaction.

Best-in-Class: Insights Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize Khoros to turn data into actionable insights, such as understanding customer experience issues and then building an effective solution.

Best-In-Class: Social Recognizing a customer who has been able to utilize Khoros to optimize their social strategies (content, moderation, listening, etc.) to elevate their brand’s customer engagement capabilities, execution, and seize new commerce opportunities.

Bottom Line Savings Rock Star Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated the greatest return-on-investment (ROI) using Khoros solutions to save money.

Engagement for Good Recognizing a customer that has utilized the Khoros platform to make a difference in society.

Keep Calm and Carry On Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated their ability to manage and come through a crisis even stronger using the Khoros platform.

Partners for Life Recognizing a customer that has taken advantage of Khoros’ experience in innovation and partnership to align people, processes, and technology to better connect with their customers in all ways.

Rookie of the Year Recognizing a customer that has started using Khoros technology within the past 12 months of May 2022 that has already seen increased success in customer engagement.

The Innovator Recognizing a customer that has utilized AI and the Khoros platform to push conventional boundaries in the market.

Top Line Growth All Star Recognizing a customer who has demonstrated the greatest business benefits and return-on-investment (ROI) using the Khoros platform to increase revenue.

Submitting & Voting:

  • Please fill out the submission form on Atlas. If you have any issues please contact
  • All submissions must be submitted on Atlas by June 10th, 2022 at 3:00 pm PT to be eligible. You can edit your submission as much as needed until the submission deadline.
  • On June 13, 2022, at 6:00 am PT, online voting opens. You will be able to view your entry and all other entries, plus vote for your favorites. To vote, you must register on Atlas.
  • Online voting closes on June 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm PT, so give a shout-out to your colleagues and business partners to vote before then.
  • Selection of winners will be a two-step process: 1) Initial peer and Khoros employee voting on Atlas to determine top submissions and 2) Finalists and winners are chosen by a judging panel filled with industry experts selected by Khoros that will look at the spirit of the story, the results submitted, and evidence to back up the submission.
  • Winners and Runner-Ups will be notified on the week of July 18th


  • The 2022 Khoros Kudos Awards are only open to Khoros customers.
  • There is no fee to enter.
  • The submission window starts April 11, 2022 at 5:00 am PT.
  • All entries must be received by June 10, 2022, at 3:00 pm PT.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only English language submissions will be accepted.
  • Your entry must be submitted on Atlas. Your CSM can provide assistance if needed.
  • Please embed all graphics/visuals into Atlas, so the desired placement is clear.
  • Please include your company’s logo as a JPEG or PNG image in the teaser section. Preferred image size is 335 pixels (width) x 176 pixels (height).
  • You may submit for multiple categories. One submission per category, per company. While you can only win one category, you are eligible to be a Finalist for other categories that you submit for.
  • Khoros reserves the right to change or cancel an award category at any time and make other adjustments as needed to accommodate particular circumstances.
  • All submitted entries will be publicly displayed on Atlas and at Khoros Engage. Submitting an award entry gives Khoros permission and approval to leverage content for Marketing and Public Relations purposes in presentations, on social media, and the Khoros website. Winners will be included in a press release and on social channels. All companies submitting a Khoros Kudos Award give Khoros permission and approval to use their logo on collateral and signage related to any Khoros Engage event.
  • All submitted entries will be available for voting on Atlas starting Monday, June 13, 2022 at 6:00 am PT. The last day for voting is Friday, June 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm PT.
  • All submissions will be on display at Khoros Engage in September. Winners will be invited to submit a short video highlighting their success story. Winners and Finalists will be announced at the event and may be invited to attend Khoros Engage in order to share their story in-person.
  • Khoros reserves the right to change the rules & terms at any time. Khoros makes no representations or warranties regarding the contest or its rules and disclaims all implied warranties. Khoros undertakes no obligations of its performance or processing of entries other than as specifically stated herein and contestants must comply with all the stated conditions.
  • Your participation in this 2022 Khoros Kudos Awards shall be deemed as consent to use your name and logo and described above, notwithstanding any related terms in any agreements that you have with Khoros.