2023 Customer Awards: Promega Corporation - Best-in-Class: Social

2023 Customer Awards: Promega Corporation - Best-in-Class: Social


Company: Promega Corporation

Company background:

At Promega Corporation, we support life science research by celebrating creativity and connection to drive scientific discovery and innovation. Since 1978, for more than 40 years, we have continued to provide biotechnology solutions for a global community of life scientists and technicians.

With 16 branches around the world, we develop and evolve technologies and instrumentation in collaboration with a wide range of scientists and researchers. From simple cloning vectors used to address fundamental questions in biology to bioluminescent assays that help us monitor food safety and water quality, we work side-by-side with our partners in academic, industrial and government institutions to bring the best minds to bear on the toughest questions.

We have done this all with a steadfast commitment to sustainable business models that protect our environment, inspire and develop our employees as individuals, support the well-being and growth of our communities, and strengthen our relationships with our customers. Interactions with our customers, partners and vendors are central to everything we do, and we value those relationships. We seek out and build connections across the globe and in our local communities because creative problem-solving requires a network of diverse ideas and viewpoints.

Contact: Riley Bell & Michele Arduengo

Title: Marketing Coordinator

Related URLs: https://www.promega.com/global/doors-program/

Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Social

1. Tell us how you are using Khoros’ Social Media Management capabilities (moderation, publishing, listening, etc.). Please include a full list and be as specific as possible.

By scheduling and publishing posts in Khoros Marketing, Promega can support young scientists around the world by promoting the 2022 Diversification of our Research Scientists (DOORS) Scholarship and Mentorship program. This program is presented by the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTCI) in partnership with Promega. The DOORS program recognizes and empowers underrepresented students in STEM by offering a $5,000 award that can be used towards resources to support tuition and fees required for enrollment or attendance at an educational institution.

Many different efforts go into promoting this program. While much of our focus was centered around paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, scheduling organic posts through Khoros Marketing enabled us to expand this reach to followers of our corporate accounts and North America branch accounts. We published organic social media content on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The scheduling capabilities in Khoros Marketing enabled us to plan our post schedule weeks in advance to organize and spread out the content during the entirety of the application period (August 15th – September 30th, 2022). Scheduling posts in advance also allows us to consider factors such as the best days and times to post and to take advantage of the in-calendar optimal posting recommendations, enabling us to optimize performance and keeping the application process top-of-mind for our followers.

2. Share your goals and key strategies with these capabilities and how Khoros Social Media Management helps drive success for you.

Our goal was centered around maximizing awareness of the DOORS programs and getting young scientists and researchers to apply. We also hoped to reach science professors who might share this opportunity with their students. Our social media content provided logistical information about the program and highlighted previous scholars’ experiences as well as those who will be our future scholars’ mentors.













Leading up to the application period, we had a goal of 5% engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for our 36 posts promoting the DOORS scholarship. Spreading these posts out over multiple weeks allowed our followers to view them multiple times before making the decision to engage and ultimately visit the application page.


3. What specific results did you achieve by optimizing your social strategies with Khoros? Did you seize new revenue stream opportunities, serve customers better, protect your brand and/or grow your business (increased subscribers, engagement, awareness, etc.), grow revenue, reduce costs, or a combination of these things?. Please include quantifiable metrics where possible.

We’ve seen great successes in our Khoros partnership. In 2020 we received 60 applications and in 2021, we received 40 applications for the DOORS scholarship. In 2022, we received a record number of 85 applicants.



Additionally, we exceeded our benchmark goal of 5% engagement across all channels as we ended up with an average engagement rate of 5.88%.

We believe we are best-in-class because, with Khoros’ help, we exceeded our expectations of campaign performance, allowing us to set even bigger goals for next year. Recognizing the benefits of planning social content in advance, we will continue to utilize Khoros scheduling features for similar campaigns that involve an application or registration period in the future.

A quote from Tori Fitzgerald, Sr Strategic Marketing Operations Specialist at Promega North America, on the success of social media content promoting the DOORS Scholarship: “We are honored to be able to support the DOORS scholars as they earn their undergraduate degrees. Seeing the continued success of our marketing efforts to promote this scholarship to students has been very exciting. We are grateful for tools like Khoros that enable us to bring attention to this scholarship!”

Special Thanks: Kasha Taylor & Jaina Shah

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