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Every time I attempt to update my email address, I save and it says it was successful - but the old email address is still there. My new email address is a gmail account - is that causing the problem?Thanks!
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Suggestions for Atlas latest reply Thursday
If there is one certain right now, it's that Covid-19 is affecting all our lives. For many of you it will mean a shift from the office to working from home, and for your customers, it will mean getting in touch with your brand is more challenging tha...
by Khoros Guru Khoros Guru in Atlas Insights Blog latest reply Tuesday
Are you unsure what your strategy should be next week, let alone 3 months from now? If so, you are not alone. Social Marketers, Community Managers, and Digital Care professionals around the globe are facing an unprecedented challenge to adapt their s...
by Khoros Staff PhilG Khoros Staff in Atlas Insights Blog posted a week ago
We understand that the time you have to get up to speed on this crisis is critically short; people have tons of questions about how to manage this new environment and need help ASAP. That is why we are hosting an Expert Event in our Atlas Community n...
by Community Manager Community Manager Community Manager in Atlas Insights Blog posted 2 weeks ago
With the world focused on the growing COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to share an update from Khoros about what we are doing to protect our teams and communities, as well as some ways we want to be of service to you in these uncertain times. Let me say b...
by Khoros Staff JackB Khoros Staff in Atlas Insights Blog latest reply 2 weeks ago
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that for many, this may be a stressful, uncertain time both professionally and personally. We’re taking this seriously and you can read more about how Khoros is handling COVID-19 in @JackB's latest blog. We...
by Community Manager Community Manager Community Manager in Atlas Insights Blog latest reply 3 weeks ago
Atlas notification email changing soon On Tuesday, March 17, we will update the Atlas notification email to We hope that this resolves the issue where members are not receiving Atlas notification emails. Please...
by Community Manager Community Manager Community Manager in Atlas Insights Blog posted 4 weeks ago
Hello community friends, Spotify is seeking an experienced community manager to step into a leadership role on our Customer Service team. This position supervises two accomplished community managers and oversees a growing team of moderators. We are l...
by Hero Hero in Job Board latest reply a month ago
This is a feature request. I'm not sure where feature requests should go.An integration that enables Lithium to work with industry standard technical communication tools (such as Madcap Flare) would be ideal. Either that or information on your recomm...
by marklee New Commentator in Suggestions for Atlas latest reply a month ago
About four years ago, Lithium launched the first iteration of its Developer Documentation Portal. It was our first step towards consolidating our Developer Documentation and improving the overall Developer experience. With that portal, we gained the ...
by Khoros Staff SuzieH Khoros Staff in Atlas Insights Blog latest reply 03-03-2020

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