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Add link to case back to support emails

Add link to case back to support emails

It seems with the recent update to the email templates for support cases, the link to the case in the portal is no longer provided. I know you can reply directly to the emails to update the case, but often I like to click through to see the case's full details and comment history. The link in the email was the most efficient way to get there.



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @lilim 


Thank you for the suggestion, I'll feed that back to the team who made the email changes to add the link back to the template.

Oh my goodness yes please! It’s such a pain to have to poke around for the correct case.


Just noticed this myself – yes, please add the link to the case back, having to manually go to the case portal to review is a pain.


Yes! It was the thing I always clicked, now I have to navigate in with many, many more clicks. Hoping it gets changed back.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We will be adding the case portal link back into the email templates shortly...after a bit of testing. Thanks for catching that omission. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

The case portal link has been added back to the support emails. We also added the previous 5 case updates in addition to the most recent update. That was based on customer feedback that having more of the recent case history provides better context to understand the most recent update. Thanks. 

Thank you, @DanR! Unfortunately the link in the case email I just received isn't working for me. I do have case portal access. Not sure if it's some weird edge case or if the link in the email generally doesn't work!

image.pngPasting the text of the email too, in case it's useful:


Case Number: 00190539 
Case Subject: Re: Error when searching 
Link to Case (If you have Case Portal Access): View Case in Portal

Most recent update:

[Recipients:, Caroline Sekar]

Hi Caroline, 

I heard back very quickly from the team, the fix will be deployed in our 19.4 release. 

This should be deployed around mid May. 

I'll let you know once that's deployed so then we can test it out and make sure that you can then use the search without any errors again. 


Khoros Alumni (Retired)


Thanks for letting us know. I'll have the team diagnose that issue right away. Thanks. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey @CarolineS 


Ah I see where the issue lies with this, it's because the issue was related to the Khoros Community (Lithosphere) so the account record was linked to our own internal account record.

I've made the change to your community so then you're able to see the record.

Would you mind testing it out and letting me know if you're now able to access the case?


Ah yes, all good now! So the link to the case in case emails isn't broken after all, just a weird edge case. Thank you!