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Where to ask questions about Klout?

Where to ask questions about Klout?

Just had a question about Klout, but can't find a space here on the LithosphereLithium Community to post it. I would appreciate any points since Bing didn't know anything about a Klout Community elsewhere either.

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@Claudius what kind of question?


There isn't any community for Klout, as far as I know.

There is a support page located here.

And a Klour Twitter handle: 





Hey @Claudius


I'm part of active, online community of people that discusses Klout dynamics (my personal Klout score is 80).  Add me on Facebook and send me a message, if you like.







-- Michael

@kloutsupport sometimes responds. sometimes not.
Lithium Alumni (Retired) or @KloutSupport are both great places to receive support.

@wittier - Sorry if you've ever had issues with our Twitter support not being responsive. Unless there is a widespread issue that we plan to address with a single Tweet by the handle, we do work to respond to any support request directed to the handle. But I will be sure to look into this to ensure there are no process gaps. If you find you're not receiving responsiveness from @KloutSupport, please feel free to send me a direct private message on here anytime.


Thanks for your attentive reply.

Twitter allows anyone to search all mentions of @kloutsupport, see where and when there are questions posted, and which of them have received responses.

Many do, but not all.  So perhaps there is a gap in the process.

Thanks @mjdwarner
That's an impressive spreadsheet you attached. Have you had any insights from doing quantitative tracking and analysis like that?

JeffS.  Thanks again for responding.  

Sending you a direct message didn't turn out to be so easy. 


Copying below my message from the "Guide" page on how to get myself sufficient permissions to send you a message.


I was invited by Lithium staffer JeffS to sent him a direct message on the system in regard to this thread.


I opened JeffS's profile


and looked for a place to send a message.  Didn't find it.


I went back to the forum and mousedover the gear-shaped settings icon on his post. Not there.


I found it by mousingover his icon in the thread.  "New Message"


Clicking that I was taken to a page that said I don't have sufficient permissin on this site to do that.  I could send an email to lithium or access this guide.


I remembered that there was an email I had received "Welcome to the Lithium Community" and wondered if I needed to verify my email.  Turns out I did.  


Note to Lithium:  When you send out an email requesting an action, the Subject should be "Action needed: Please verify your email address" (action oriented) rather than "Welcome to the community" (doesn't prompt user to open it and do something).


So, here I am at your Guide page.  I used Find on Page to search for info about Messages.  Didn't find it.  So what exactly do I need to do?  




Thanks again for your offer to help.  Since I can't send direct messages without emailing for permission to do so (silly at best), here is the latest question I had for @kloutsupport that remains unanswered.


hi @KloutSupport why is my @instagram not posting to my @klout Measure page ..........again?


Long form:  The page shows activity by network on tabs.  Often the data from IG on my page is many days behind.


Currently mine says data was pulled on Apr 26, at 7PM (normal). but the latest activity displayed is dated April 22.


@kloutsupport didn't respond when I asked about this on April 9 (same issue, earlier date)  and on Apri 24.


Another user reported similar issue


Although most users I've checked with have normal IG tabs on Measure page:  latest activity is from yesterday.




Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi @wittier ,


Apologies for the miscommunication earlier - as you had just signed up, you were not permitted to send private messages at that point. That should be taken care of now though.


Thanks for the additional detail and so sorry you didn't get a response to some of those previous questions/issues. We often see a flood of non-support issues directed to the handle, but I will work with the team to ensure we correct this and aren't missing any actual support queries.


As an alternative means of contact, you can create a ticket through the Klout Support Portal here or by emailing


Best regards,


Thanks for your helpful responses JeffS.


Direct messages are now turned on.