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Where to ask questions about Klout?

Where to ask questions about Klout?

Just had a question about Klout, but can't find a space here on the LithosphereLithium Community to post it. I would appreciate any points since Bing didn't know anything about a Klout Community elsewhere either.

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Yes @cindycapo and since facebook is the most important network, it makes a big impact if the data terms change.

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I just checked out your profile at Klout @cindycapo

and they have that problem with profile highlighs from FB being blurred.  

It doesn't make much sense since you'd think Klout would want people to be proud of their profiles... but after I've posted nice pictures on FB I don't want my KL profile to be full of blurry pics.  

they don't look so blurry here because they're shrunk. but on my 17" screen they're a mess. 



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I see that @wittier, yes, Facebook is barely recognisable on our pages, and it is our HIGHLIGHTS page, our BEST moments..
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yes @cindycapo , i'd love to show off the profile but no chance of that with all blurry images.  we'll see @cindycapo 

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for raising these issues, but we'd like to remind you that this is not the appropriate channel to receive Klout support or provide feedback on Klout features. The Lithium Community is here to provide a peer-to-peer and direct support channel for people cultivating enterprise communities on the Lithium platform.

Please use the Klout portal to log a ticket if you wish to report issues or provide feedback about Klout so the appropriate team can review and address your concerns.

As our community can't be of anymore help, we're going to lock this thread. Please make sure you review our community guidelines if you haven't seen them yet.


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Status changed to: Resolved