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Hi everyone, we were running some meet-ups in Scotland for a while but didn't really do any last year for a combination of reasons. I'm keen to kick-start them again. I'd like to run a bigger meet-up every few months, with a more informal regular mee...
by Valued Contributor Valued Contributor Valued Contributor in Customer Meetups & Events: Europe latest reply yesterday
A lot has happened since last year’s Spredfast SmartSocial and Lithium CX Live events—we’ve merged the people, products, and expertise of two leaders in digital customer engagement into one company: Khoros. Our customers are at the heart of this jour...
by Khoros Staff KatherineC Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply yesterday
The search results in Community will filter down into a particular board when you select a result and then return to the search results page using the BACK button.I’ve included screenshots below which hopefully help, but the issue we’re having is:Com...
Customers are the heart and soul of every business. They guide the decisions we make, the products we build and how we sell them. They’re why we exist. In today’s market, customers expect more from you than ever. They want to connect with you when th...
by Khoros Staff PeteH Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply Thursday
No one likes spammers, including the Lithium Community team! Here are some methods for reporting spam on our community. Spam in Private Messages: Did you receive a suspicious Private Message from another user? To report this issue to our team, click ...
by Moderator Moderator Moderator in About Our Community latest reply a week ago
Join us on 3rd April for Spredfast + Lithium London Summit where we will bring together 250+ marketing and care leaders for an inspiring day of networking, keynotes, and workshops. Combining the very best of our respective events (CX Live, LiNC and S...
by Khoros Staff LeoR Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply a week ago
For Lithium users ... does the option exist to customize a message when a new post is being created?- see image Thanks in advance.
by Occasional Advisor Occasional Advisor in Suggestions for Our Community latest reply a week ago
The last year has been big—we added new customers, new employees, new products, and expertise. We're launching our new global customer roadshow to keep our best customers in the know on all the big things happening —"Lithium CX Live". Over the course...
by Khoros Staff KatherineC Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply a week ago
Hi Khoros Lithium/Spredfast Community,Likely most of you haven't heard, but in late January, after a very successful run, we shut down our Yahoo support community. This was followed up in early March with the layoff of my onshore community and social...
by Occasional Contributor JCTatYahoo Occasional Contributor in Job Board posted on 2 weeks ago
Please join us on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 for our first Khoros (joint Spredfast+Lithium) Customer Success Meet-Up in London - ahead of Summit on Wednesday 3rd April. We are planning an afternoon of customer stories, hands-on workshops, product roadmap...
by Khoros Staff PhilSw Khoros Staff in Customer Meetups & Events: Europe latest reply 2 weeks ago
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