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With all that's going on in San Francisco around LiNC, we have one exciting announcement today--we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our community, the Language Translator Integration! This is an integration the Lithium team has been work...
by Retired Community Manager JennC Retired Community Manager in Khoros' View Blog latest reply yesterday
It seems with the recent update to the email templates for support cases, the link to the case in the portal is no longer provided. I know you can reply directly to the emails to update the case, but often I like to click through to see the case's fu...
by Honored Contributor Honored Contributor Honored Contributor in Suggestions for Our Community latest reply Wednesday
We get a lot of questions about whether specific Lithosphere components are available out-of-the-box (OOTB) or are customizations. Here' a list of the components we get questions about and whether they are available OOTB or via a Professional Service...
by Community Manager Community Manager Community Manager in About Our Community latest reply a week ago
Join us on 3rd April for Spredfast + Lithium London Summit where we will bring together 250+ marketing and care leaders for an inspiring day of networking, keynotes, and workshops. Combining the very best of our respective events (CX Live, LiNC and S...
by Khoros Staff LeoR Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply 2 weeks ago
At Thumbtack, we're looking for an awesome candidate to manage a team and lead our online community efforts!Job description here: send to anyone who might be interested. And don't hesitate to ...
by jberkenfeld New Commentator in Job Board posted on 2 weeks ago
USANA Health Sciences is seeking a creative team player to join our social media team as a social media graphic designer. In this position, you will be responsible for all design-related materials which are shared on USANA’s social sites. In this pos...
by Khoros Staff AlexandraL Khoros Staff in Job Board posted on 2 weeks ago
The search results in Community will filter down into a particular board when you select a result and then return to the search results page using the BACK button.I’ve included screenshots below which hopefully help, but the issue we’re having is:Com...
Since our March 5th announcement of Khoros and our rebranded solutions (Khoros Care, Khoros Marketing, and Khoros Communities), we have been working to audit legacy Lithium and legacy Spredfast product/feature names. Over the coming months, we will b...
by Khoros Staff JessicaS Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog posted on 3 weeks ago
Customers are the heart and soul of every business. They guide the decisions we make, the products we build and how we sell them. They’re why we exist. In today’s market, customers expect more from you than ever. They want to connect with you when th...
by Khoros Staff PeteH Khoros Staff in Khoros' View Blog latest reply 3 weeks ago

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