November Atlas Highlights 2022

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Khoros + SearchUnify Partnership
Combining the power of Khoros’s enterprise-grade communities software and SearchUnify’s AI-driven enterprise search solution to increase community engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and further reduce support costs.

An Interview for Change: How AI and Automation Drive ROI
Khoros has been a social care leader for years, but a tool is only as valuable as the one who wields it. Get to the bottom of the best ways to use and prove the ROI of Khoros Care with Khoros product marketing expert Josh Snider.

How to transform your contact center into a revenue source 
Contact centers aren’t just expenses. They can also create significant value. Learn how to turn y six important steps you can take to empower frontline employees to build meaningful relationships with customers.

[Podcast] Diversifying Metrics and the Rise of the Conversation Curator 
Our guest is none other than Legendary Khoros Titan, Claudius Henrichs, Head of Community at Dataiku brings a wealth of knowledge around how closely related the learning experience, and the community experiences are.



Are you there ROI? It’s Me, Marketing: A cost-saving series from Khoros
The principal problem for marketers is that while they do their song and dance for consumers to purchase their product or service, it’s becoming increasingly unclear how to measure success and, most notably, how to track it. 

Auto-Generate Alt Text in Publishing
When an image/images are uploaded as part of a post, alt text will be pre-filled based on the returns suggested by image detection API. This feature will be ON by default.

New Coaching Video: Guide to structured labels 
Structured labels bring more context and hierarchy to the labels you use to categorize items in Khoros and make adding labels to content faster, easier, and more accurate for users.



Are you There ROI? It’s Me Care: A Cost Savings Series from Khoros 
A few years ago, a Khoros customer found truly stunning success while using the Care platform, even when the odds were stacked against them with a vast influx of volume during a nationwide event and promotion.

So, how did they do it? Was it the stars aligning? Some kind of holiday miracle?
Read on to find out.

NEW Coaching Video: NPS/CSAT 
Enable users to privately share their feedback with your brand after a customer service interaction.

Gain real-time one question feedback from your customers and save time and time from larger surveys.

New Coaching Video: Agent Activities Metrics Overview 
Agent Activities gives you visibility into how the agents are using the app and how they are managing their work on conversations. Use this to measure and improve agent performance for better ROI and Cost efficiency.

Secure Forms Link Expiration 
Add an additional layer of security to the form by setting a specific amount of time before access the form after the link expires.

Manage View Updates 

  • You can filter posts and conversations in any general conversation column based on the latest activities, including the smart view column.
  • Care admins can now grant or revoke roles and column access for Manage View users.
  • Manage View offers a quick search option as a way to narrow down column contents. We've added URL search for the Conversation columns using the source URL, similar to the Manage View global search.



Community ROI: Embracing Humanity’s Desire to Help 
Few articles and resources are diving deep into exactly why brands are finding high levels of value and success with their digital communities. This article aims to change that.

Atlas Series: Secure Executive Support for your Community 
Join the event on Wednesday, October 12th to watch a lively panel discussion with experts from Khoros, SearchUnify, and the American Society of Civil Engineers on how to build the ultimate technology infrastructure for Communities 3.0.

[Podcast] Keeping It Simple: Building a Memorable Community Experience 
With over 20 years of experience, including running gamer forums before he even got to high-school, Stan Gromer knows patience is key when nurturing a community. Pull up your notepad and walk away with a few lessons!


Webinars & Events
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2023 Social Media Trends: Align your strategy with disruptive consumers 
Thursday, Nov 3 | 1pm ET | 12pm CT | 10am PT

Join Natanya Anderson, General Manager of Strategic Services at Khoros, David Low, Chief Marketing Officer at Talkwalker, and Dan Rucolas, Lead, Marketing Reporting and Information at KraftHeinz as they discuss trends that will define social media in 2023, and how brands can turn insights into action.

[In-Person Event]  Khoros x Google | The Power of Chatbots & Conversational Commerce 
Tuesday, Nov 15 | 1pm ET | 12pm CT | 10am PT

It’s been a while since our last event in San Francisco, so to mark this return, we’re teaming up with our partner, Google, to bring you a Connect event packed with discussions, networking, and lunch with a view!

Available On-demand

Khoros Community Roadmap Q&A 
On September 29, General Manager of Community at Khoros, Nick Hill, answered questions posed by Khoros Communities customers during a live Q+A post a Khoros Roadmap presentation - check out the conversation!

Khoros Innovate On-demand + Roadmap Resource Roundup
Our latest roadmap aims to help you break down those information silos and fragmented systems, giving your customer-facing teams all the interactions and AI-powered insight right at their fingertips within the Khoros platform. Check it out on-demand along with resources to help you succeed!


Engaging Atlas Discussions
Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, click the chat bubble (bottom right) and type Customer Access.

High five to @calley_oneil for the awesome topic starter on the best way to remodel community ranks! It generated 23 replies with clever ideas from our ever-helpful Titans. Check them out here.

As if building an online academy weren't enough, @StanGromer is back at it showing off custom moderation enhancements using our Community solution. So cool, thanks for sharing this with us!


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