Lithys 2017: Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company- Surprise & Delight

Lithys 2017: Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company- Surprise & Delight

Our goals were to generate 200 contest entries, achieve 1,000 Facebook live views and generate 50,000 social engagements.






aruba.pngCompany:  Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company                                                   

Entry submitted by: Pegah Kamal (Social Media Manager)

Community: Airheads Community

Twitter: ArubaNetworks

Facebook: Aruba Networks

Lithy category:  Surprise & Delight


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is redefining the intelligent edge with mobility and IoT solutions for organizations of all sizes globally. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organizations to serve GenMobile – mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives – and to harness the power of insights to transform business processes. With infrastructure services offered as software from the public or private cloud, Aruba enables secure connectivity for mobile and IoT — under one roof. Aruba allows IT professionals to build networks that keep up with these changes by migrating away from expensive-to-operate and proprietary infrastructure. 


Our campaign

Every year we host one of our biggest events, Aruba Atmosphere, which brings the heart and soul of the community together for 6 days of content rich experiences through our technical sessions, innovation product zones / technical demos and keynotes. Anyone that knows Aruba, knows that our community is at the heart of everything that we do and we realized that we were missing out on a huge opportunity to generate excitement and engage onsite and remote community members.  ATM Activate campaign was created to bring the community together and extend the life of the event to our digital audience through cross platform and channel integration with our social media channels, community platform and event mobile app.


Our goal, strategy and tactics:

Our strategy really focused on leveraging the personal and professional development interests of our community by creating content and opportunities that also tapped into their sense of humor. 


Our first objective was to drive awareness and engagement through innovative and socially creative tactics that empowered our internal and community influencers. Our second objective was to create an integrated approach that provided access and insight to the event content and activities via community platform, social channels and event mobile app.


Our goals were to generate 200 contest entries, achieve 1,000 Facebook live views and generate 50,000 social engagements.


Our tactics included the following:

A. Creating an Atmosphere attendee private group within Airheads community that would house event content.

Page Description: Designed by engineers for engineers, Airheads at Atmosphere lays out the technical vision of cloud networking and “smart spaces,” plus today’s innovations in intelligent access. Keynotes and hands-on sessions teach you how to: close security gaps while supporting the workplace flexibility and collaboration tools needed for organizational creativity; redefine the value of IT; and help your organization gain an innovation edge.1.png


 B. Leverage social media to give the community the opportunity to influence what games we would have in the lounge (after all the lounge is for them).Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.18.02 PM.pngC. Use our community matters blog to promote the event and share event content afterwards.




 D. Establishing an ‘Airheads home base’ where an attendee could recharge, take a mental break by testing out their Rockband / classic arcade game skills, learn about the community and become a member.rock1.png





E. Executed a Chief Airhead selfie contest, that encouraged attendees to find our community manager, take a selfie and post it on social media.selfie.png


F. Developed a new Facebook live video series, Between 2 APs, hosted at the event which tapped into the funny bone of our community. The series was hosted by one of our Airheads Community member and Tech Field Day director, Tom Hollingsworth, and the guests included an Airhead MVP, Ryan Adzima, and other Airheads members (Keith Parsons, Blake Krone and Sam Clements).


 G. Community SSO registration and social integration in the event mobile app to drive awareness about the community, community registration, social contests and the Arubacade (social lounge).


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.28.54 PM.png


Our results

  • Social contest had 100+ unique contributors with 235 contest entries, 36% increase from 2016
  • Over 75,000 social engagements, 4x our February benchmark numbers
  • Between 2 APs Facebook Live series generated 8,100 video views
  • 891 unique users generated 8M impressions for #ATM17 event hashtag
  • 1,400 new registered members, 47% over our monthly average*

    o    *Average is from new monthly members generated from 11/16 thru 2/17


The exposure to our Chief Airhead and the extended community and social team- helped drive that human connection with our community and brand, which is imperative in this digital age where anything is instantly accessible through a simple Tweet.  The lounge experience brought the community together by common interests in video games, like Rockband.  It created a moment where paths that normally would not cross, did and they played and sang their hearts out like the true Rockstars that our Airheads are.



Aruba rocks!


So cool.

What a creative project.


Great campaign.

Great work!

Keep up the great work Aruba! 

Great work guys!