Lithys 2017: Vodafone Spain - Surprise & Delight

Lithys 2017: Vodafone Spain - Surprise & Delight

Vodafone Spain's goal is to provide best in class service to our customers with innovative and great value added offers and products.




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Entry submitted by:  Alejandro Moreno (Social Media Manager)

Community:  Foro Vodafone 

Lithy category: Surprise & Delight


Vodafone Spain is part of Vodafone Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 57 more.


Vodafone Spain has 14.255.000 mobile customers, 2.960.000 fixed broadband customers and 790.000 TV customers. All of them get benefit of the experience and capacity of a world leader that helps its customers to be better connected. For more info, please visit:


Our goal, strategy and tactics

Vodafone Spain's goal is to provide best in class service to our customers with innovative and great value added offers and products. The Vodafone Forum serves the needs for those customers after product acquisition in order to provide a great customer experience of their devices, acquired services and TV services (TiVo, HBO and Netflix).


We have created the Vodafone Heroes program with the objective to enable a social community where users can compete to get new badges and scores while they help each other solve their inquiries. The super-user receives special gifts depending on how active he is creating content and helping other users. These social collaborations are awarded with scores (good scores = rewards as mobile devices or special discounts).



This gamification program not only encourages greater customer/user participation but also promotes new useful content creation. Those new interactions and content also engage user self-management and product knowledge. This enables growth of a great community for Vodafone Forum users as a support channel to get helpful answers providing internal KPIs a real boost.


The Heroes Program is closely monitored by the Vodafone Spain Social Media Team who provides Heroes a guidance and a one-to-one follow up on their adventure. The Program includes 3 role categories (Vodafone Hero Apprentice, Vodafone Hero and Vodafone SuperHero) and 4 power badges (speed, wisdom, aim and creation) that allow users to achieve different skills.imagehero.png

 Any Vodafone Spain Forum registered user is eligible to participate in the Heroes Programme. Users need to pass the initial challenge to get their first “hero Apprentice” badge and from then, new badges unlocked will move users up in the scale of roles. Once a user reaches the level where they have unlocked the 4 badges, they are appointed Vodafone Superheroes.



The results

Since the Program started in November 2013, “Vodafone Heroes Program” participants drove over 5k new interactions within the Vodafone Forum community and over 25 contestants actively help out other users. A great amount of kudos and new accepted solutions have been originated from those answers. We enjoy surprising & delighting our super users through this program, and our users clearly enjoy it too as they keep on recommending the program to their friends.



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