Autumn Innovation Launch: New integrations & AI across our entire platform

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

khoros1.pngIn 2020, brands have adapted to shifts in everything from business practices to employee structure to customer expectations. But there’s one thing that never changes, and we’ve seen it reinforced time and time again over the course of this year: the fundamental need for human connection.

We’re announcing our 2020 Autumn Launch to help our customers develop this important form of connection with their own customers. Our newest innovations will help brands improve their community management, team collaboration, and customer engagement processes.

Here’s what’s new in the platform:

The best way to manage all of your communities

With new gesture-based scrolling (patent pending) and machine learning in Manage View to reject hate speech, Khoros is innovating on behalf of the people nurturing both owned communities and social media communities. Whether moderating for spam and accuracy or managing for participation and delight, community managers will have the best Engagement Manager on the market today.

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Shared visibility and coordination between Marketing and Service teams

We’re bringing customer-facing teams together with shared visibility and coordination. With Khoros, service teams can take the right action on conversations based on the marketing content that inspired it. Marketing context — like campaign initiatives, plans, and tags — will now inform workflows and automatically route, prioritize, and filter conversations so customers have a cohesive experience with the brand. Plus, all customer-facing teams will see who owns the conversation so they can break down silos and speak with one brand voice.


What’s new in Khoros Communities

Events experiences

Our new Event capability with social media video live streaming makes it more rewarding to host events in your branded community. Brands can now also simplify digital events, from the initial creation and promotion to the actual management of the event. When in-person gatherings are limited or restricted, hosting events in online communities can help brands maintain crucial customer relationships.

Improved knowledge sourcing and streamlined communication with Slack

Our new Slack integration allows brands to connect their community on Khoros Communities in exciting ways. Now, Khoros offers the only solution in the industry for brands to seamlessly communicate and search their owned community within Slack.

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What’s new in Khoros Care

Email integration and channel consolidation

We’re excited to add email to our repertoire of supported channels in Khoros Care. Brands will now have the ability to respond to inbound emails, and much more, directly in the platform, alongside other supported digital service channels: chat, messaging, social media, owned communities, reviews, and more.

AI updates to ease agent strain and improve accuracy

Our two newest AI capabilities, intent detection and suggested responses, will help agents increase conversation volume without sacrificing quality. With intent detection, agents will no longer need to manually input every keyword. Instead, intent detection uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify consumer intents and automatically tag conversations.

The suggested responses feature analyzes historic brand conversations and surfaces the top responses, improving accuracy and saving agents time and effort, while still conveying a human touch to customers.


What’s new in Khoros Marketing

Greater flexibility for social media marketers

With new LinkedIn ads visibility — in addition to existing Facebook and Instagram ads visibility — social media marketers will now be able to see paid and organic data alongside one another. This will help them develop a holistic approach across social media channels. 

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Custom defined metrics will give social media managers and analysts control over how they define success with the world’s most unified social media analytics platform.

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Announcing early access for paid execution for Facebook & Instagram, which enables marketers to seamlessly switch from publishing organic content to creating bespoke ads, with calendar visibility and analytics insight across social channels. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in joining the early access program.