Thought Leadership + Outcome Keywords: A New CX Initiative

Khoros Staff


A common request from Khoros Customers is having more insightful content to drive future strategies in an ever-changing industry. 

We've heard loud and clear in our recent NPS surveys that you're interested in more thought leadership. The Khoros Customer Engagement team has been hard at work developing content with a fresh outlook on modern solutions and paths to follow as you continue your journey.

With these updates, we aim to help you transform theory into practice using the Khoros platform. We will continue to strive to deliver you the insights you need to succeed.

  1. Thought Leadership Blogs and Label
  2. Outcome Keyword Links
  3. Additional Label Tips


First, I’d like to highlight our recent content development and distribution initiative.

A tool can be used to the extent of the wielder's knowledge. The Khoros platform is no different. The powerful capabilities Khoros offers, paired with the rapid and unexpected shifts in the industry, can feel like going on a fool’s errand trying to stay on top of everything. This is why we launched our unique human-focused thought leadership content to cut through the clutter of vague social tips and misguided strategies. We’re here to bring you the who, what, when, where, and most importantly, the why with all things customer experience and Khoros. 

We want to ensure Atlas offers our members comprehensive thought leadership and unique content with your future strategy in mind.
Stay updated when new content is published by subscribing to the new Thought Leadership Label in the Khoros Insights Blog. 


You’ll also notice new Outcome Keywords below the labels.

Here's how you use these. Labels house the type of content, or in other words - if it’s a thought leadership article, a product update, best practices, or webinars. The Outcome Keywords are used to give you a sneak peek at what that specific content will highlight.

For example, an article about how to use TikTok more effectively would fall under the thought leadership label, but its keyword - engagement rate - would highlight the article's focus. You could then explore all other Atlas content that focuses on engagement rate whether it’s an article, forum, webinar, or podcast.

In partnership with the Atlas and Enablement teams, we’ve defined all Best Practices and Thought Leadership blogs related to actionable outcomes and included Keywords to help pull together similar content. 

Each dropdown below contains some outcome keywords that link to similarly tagged content for each Khoros solution.
We hope this helps the discoverability of helpful content!


Outcome Keywords

Marketing Care Community CXI
Active platform users Agent Handle Time Accepted Answers AHT reduction
Approved and rejected messages Agent Performance Answers Found CSAT
Approved and rejected posts Conversations Handled Community Revenue Customer Friction Points
CSAT Cost Per Contact CommCSAT Deflection Rate
Decreased publishing time CSAT Deflection Rate Increase Efficiency
Engagement Growth Deflection rate Ideas submitted Increased Revenue
Followers Engagement Rate Minutes to First Reply NPS
Increased Revenue Incoming Conversations Engaged CommNPS Reducing Repeat Contacts
NPS NPS Posts  
Posts published natively Resolution rate Resolution Rate  
Reach SLA Met Returning Users  
Sentiment TAR Revenue per Member  
Time saved to pull reports   Sentiment  
    SEO Traffic  
    Solution Views  
    Visitors Registering  

Atlas is more than a website.

It’s a living, breathing community full of webinars, forums, articles, podcasts, and thousands of members looking to advance their knowledge. Due to Atlas's impressive size, we recommend utilizing labels listed beneath blog titles to customize your automated Atlas knowledge flow and explore the content most relevant to you and your organization’s goals. 

Our community labels have been set up to describe the type of information you can expect from blogs, and clicking on them leads to other similar blogs. We recommend subscribing to Podcast, Industry Trends, and Highlights in the Khoros Insights area, as well as Best Practices and Product updates for your Solutions.

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Care Blog

Communities Blog

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