2021 Customer Awards: Adobe Inc - Experience League - The Accelerator

2021 Customer Awards: Adobe Inc - Experience League - The Accelerator


Company: Adobe Inc

Company background: Creativity is in our DNA. Our game-changing innovations are redefining the possibilities of digital experiences. We connect content and data and introduce new technologies that democratize creativity, shape the next generation of storytelling, and inspire entirely new categories of business.

Contact: Keith Buchanan

Title: Digital Experience Community Engineering Architect

Related URLs: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/

Kudos Category: The Accelerator

1. Please describe your company and your initiative.

The Experience League community plays a critical role in supporting Adobe's Experience Cloud customer success needs and tasks. It connects customers with their peers and Adobe internal experts, provides an extensive pool of real-world use case answers, and gives a place for the customer voice to be heard through ideas and voting. We average over 65k registered member visits and over 500k page views per month.

We strive to have the best community, and we like to recognize members that are experts in various Experience Cloud solutions and are committed to helping community members excel.


We recently launched some new enhanced gamification features. Our goal is to drive engagement with our super members, while also encouraging all members to achieve rewards by participating and being active within the community.

We have Super Missions and Missions, consisting of multiple badges members are required to obtain in order to complete these missions. The goal is to reward existing behaviour in members who are active and helpful throughout the community, while also encouraging members to participate in different areas of the community. This encourages collaboration and rewarding curiosity.
















With these new badges, members can customize which badges they wish to be prominent on their profile thanks to the new trophy case. With this, members can choose up to 8 badges they wish to highlight to the rest of the community. We want our members to be proud of their accomplishments.
















Our new ranking system provides clear progress from one level to the next at a quick glance. Members can see how close they are to achieving the next rank, and maybe take a few extra moments in order to reach that next level before signing out.




Our new leaderboards for the community as a whole, as well as within in product, provides another area for members to highlight their achievements and contributions. By encouraging more engagement, any member can make it to the top 10!





One of the outcomes of our enhanced gamification, our members are able to accrue badges to demonstrate all of their accomplishments in the community. Every member can view their trophy case to get a quick glance at all of their achievements, as well as those they are still striving for.


We want all our members to be able to communicate with each other, providing the most opportunities for member engagement and collaboration, providing more opportunities to achieve new ranks and badges. To do this, every post in our community has the ability to be translated on demand. We wish to remove any language barrier for our members in order to allow all members provide answers or insights across the globe. This opens up the possibilities for everyone to help each other out.


2. What was the “before” state? What challenges did you have to overcome?

We looked at how we could highlight our most active members, while encouraging engagement from everyone. From there, we created a set of badges, missions, and super missions, that would give our members the ability to feel a series of accomplishments, as well as a set of goals to strive for.

We needed to get members excited for these new features/capabilities. We prepared and released teasers and blog posts to highlight the upcoming release. After launching, we released a video explaining the many features.





To help drive adoption, we created the trophy case for each member. The trophy case is where members can view all their earned badges, as well as those they have yet to achieve. We also give our members the ability to customize which badges they want to prominently display on their profile for all the community to see. This way, they can truly highlight they greatest accomplishments.


The enhanced gamification was initially rolled out as part of the Experience League Community, but we are planning on using the same methodology across the whole of Experience League ecosystem. This has support throughout the entire Experience Cloud leadership team and marketing group.


This is only the first phase. We are already working on new badges/features, so stay tuned for more achievements to unlock!


3. What were the results? Please cite qualitative and quantitative results.

We've received a lot of positive feedback on these new features. We've seen Linkedin posts of members indicating their placement in the leaderboards, validating our objective to allow members to truly highlight their achievements and contributions in the community.




  • Over 530,000 Page views per month YTD
  • Over 170,000 Unique Visitors per month YTD

Number of badges awarded:

  • More than 52,000 badges have been awarded since 4/26 launch
  • In May, we averaged 100 badges/day

Additional context on stats reported last month:

  • 37K+ badges to our users for historical activity and have observed new badges being awarded in the range of 7-30 per hour.

Increase in likes:

  • ~75% increase MoM in post likes since gamification launched (average of 61/day vs. 35)
  • ~17% increase MoM in comment likes (average of 6.8/day vs. 5.8)

Unique engaged users:

  • In the 30 days after launching, we saw an all-time high of unique engaged users for the year (806 users). +19% MoM

Value analytics/CSAT 

  • 5% increase in very satisfied, satisfied and OK answers, MoM