2022 Customer Awards: Révolutionnaire - Engagement for Good

2022 Customer Awards: Révolutionnaire - Engagement for Good

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Company: Révolutionnaire

Company background: Founded by sisters Nia Faith Betty and Justice Faith Betty, Révolutionnaire is the ultimate social network for young changemakers. Originally created to revolutionize dance apparel and empower all to celebrate the skin they're in, Révolutionnaire has transformed into a larger movement to give individuals the network, tools, and information needed to use their dreams to fuel revolutions. Révolutionnaire stands at the intersection of community platforms and social change movements to revolutionize how people connect and take action on the causes they care about.

Contact: Justice Faith Betty

Title: Co-Founder

Related URLs: https://be.revolutionnaire.co/ ; www.instagram.com/revolutionnaire.co ; https://www.tiktok.com/@revolutionnaire.co

Kudos Category: Engagement for Good

1. Tell us how you are leveraging Khoros technology to drive a positive social outcome in your community (think: inclusive campaigns, filtering out hate speech, driving donations, etc.).
Justice and Nia are leveraging the Révolutionnaire Community as a platform designed for all Members to make an impact on the causes they care about. The Community is designed to help individuals and organizations connect, learn, take action, and recharge, while making a difference across the globe.

2. What are some initiatives, causes, cultural moments, or social justice movements that you’ve been able to support or be involved in using the Khoros platform?
Révolutionnaire is actively working towards ensuring a safe and welcoming environment (keyword filters) for those pursuing positive social outcomes for:

• Criminal Justice Reform

• Environmentalism

• Anti-Gun Violence

• Housing and Food Security

• Racial Equity 

Through the Khoros platform, members are able to access articles, podcasts, and videos that are curated to be accessible and informative. Individuals can also take action from directly within the platform including by signing petitions, participating in call and email campaigns to representatives, finding volunteer opportunities and nonprofit organizations to support. 

3. What were the results? Tell us how this helped your team uphold brand values, drive brand trust with your audience, reach your goals, increase cost savings, increase efficiency, etc. Please include metrics and examples if possible.

Our first year has been exciting with many individuals encountering our Community for the first time and being thrilled that there is a dedicated, accessible and empowering space to learn about social justice causes and take action.

Results throughout the 1st year of launching Community (launched in June of 2021):

  •       16,000 lives impacted by donation drive for volcano relief

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  •       2,000 meal and hygiene kits assembled and distributed in support of DC’s unhoused community

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  •       1,000+ books collected for a library in Botswana

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  •       1,000+ signatures collected in two weeks for a petition in support of Residential School survivors in Canada

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  •       600+ food items collected on behalf of Houston Food Bank

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