2022 Customer Awards: Visible - Best In Class Community

2022 Customer Awards: Visible - Best In Class Community

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Company: Visible

Company background: Visible is the first all-digital wireless service in the US, offering unlimited data, messages, minutes, and hotspot, powered by Verizon, 5G included. On a mission to dramatically change the wireless service experience, Visible has been named to Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list and was named "Best Telecom Brand" in Adweek's 2021 Challenger Brand Awards.

Contact: David A. Sandoval

Title: Community Lead

Related URLs: https://community.visible.com/

Kudos Category: Best In Class Community

1. Describe your company and your organization.
We are a young and energetic brand with values that speak to our digital natives that love simplicity with social impact. Our service has no stores and takes an innovative approach to customer care. We are also a hybrid remote first company that empowers our employees to dream and develop new ways of working. This is the foundation of a distributive company that is bringing leading mobile service to our members where ever they are.

2. Why did you choose to invest in Khoros and what was your experience before making the switch from a previous solution or investing in new technology.
Khoros out of the box comes with tools that are easy to use and give us the ability to ramp up quickly. Being a company with no stores with only 4 years in existence we chose Khoros because it was the best in class and allowed us to simply and easily connect our members to each other and to us. Previously we did not have a community platform.


3. What were your goals when investing in Khoros technology and what successes have you already experienced because of the investment? Were you able to gain traction faster than expected? Please include metrics if possible.
We wanted to connect and respond to our customers quickly and easily. Khoros offers the platform and data analytics tools to see actionable insights that help us modify and improve in real time. We have been able to in one year become hub that educates and informs while returning our investment through care deflection. Our next phase after this year one is to build out and mobilize our superusers by giving them the tools to maximize the potential of the community. On the back end we are using Khoros Care to align better with our care team and report on the health and real time actions needed for our community. Khoros has also helped us accelerate with moderation support which balances and pushes our community initiatives.

We were able to create an interactive engaging community with multiple areas that allow our members to explore and learn.


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Our visits continue to grow and have many reoccurring visits because our members find value in sharing their tips, tricks and referral codes. 



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We Launched a video section that explains and teaches while also being a driver for our community visits.

Superusers are now being piloted with a small group of founders who have been our early adopters in both the brand and community.


All of this culminates into a community and its members who are self sufficient in resolving their questions as shown in calculating care deflection  using the stats and benchmarks from our value analytics. Averaging 2,447 deflected contacts a month.