2023 Customer Awards: MYOB - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

2023 Customer Awards: MYOB - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

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Company: MYOB

Company background: MYOB Business Management Platform offers businesses to manage all other workflows on one, flexible platform. MYOB doesn’t let its complexity limit its full potential. with MYOB businesses can streamline tasks, build powerful connections and grow confidently with a solution that is future-ready. MYOB helps businesses turn their ambitions into reality.

Contact: Selva Ganapathy

Title: Social and Community Support Manager

Related URLs: community.myob.com

Kudos Category: Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

1. Tell us about your integration or unification strategy for connecting multiple CX teams and/or tools with the Khoros solutions.

At MYOB, we're always looking for ways to improve our community strategy and provide the best possible experience for our customers. That's why we turned to Khoros to help us optimize our support processes.

With the queuing system on Khoros Care, we were able to create separate queues for the inbound support queries, allowing us to accurately measure handle time per queue and identify areas where our agents lacked knowledge. This has enabled us to provide targeted training and upskilling to our agents and allocate support queries to expert agents resulting in improved performance and faster resolution times.

In addition, with a Digital First strategy, we are educating our customers to adapt self-serve options to reduce calls to our Customer Contact Centre. To increase awareness of these tools, we've leveraged social channels to provide customized and personalized responses where our agents advise and advocate for our members to use these tools, empowering our community to get their issues resolved quicker.

At MYOB, we always put our community first; our digital support strategy reflects this. By leveraging Khoros Care and developing digital self-serve support solutions, we're able to provide our community with the best possible experience and build strong relationships with our community.

2. What specific impact has having a more holistic solution had on your customer and employee experiences? What were the benefits?

At our company, we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences across all channels. That's why we've consolidated multiple channels into a single platform, giving our internal teams the ability to monitor all conversations and respond to customer needs in a more efficient manner.

Khoros Care has been integral in improving our operational efficiency. We've been using Khoros' sophisticated tag systems to gather community sentiment and understand trending topics, community needs, and feedback. This allows us to prepare proactive communications that create a superior customer experience.

With Khoros Care's queuing strategy, we were able to create multiple queues and manage posts in a more efficient manner. We assign priority to posts based on tags, which helps us track posts that need immediate escalation, such as security risks or churn risks. This ensures that we attend to them in a timely manner and provide the best possible support to our customers.

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In addition to tags, the manage view function has allowed us to take a more granular approach to monitoring and tracking each category of tags. We've set up different views to better track sensitive topics and prioritize conversations. We've also been utilizing Smartviews to isolate conversations and assign them to dedicated teams, allowing us to pull targeted reports and determine gaps in our processes.

At our company, we track all member sentiments on the Khoros platform. However, we prioritize responding to negative sentiments first, as the community's business outcomes are important to us. With Khoros Care, we're able to respond to negative sentiments quickly and effectively, building trust and loyalty with our customers.
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Overall, Khoros Care has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of providing seamless and personalized support to our customers. We're excited to continue exploring the possibilities of Khoros Intelligence and Khoros Care and look forward to leveraging these tools to drive success for our business and our customers.

3. What specific business outcomes and successes have resulted from the improved customer and employee experiences you have seen using Khoros? Please include quantifiable metrics where possible.
At MYOB, we're dedicated to providing exceptional customer support across all channels. One of our primary goals is to respond to all community questions on social platforms and the community forum in a timely manner. During business hours, our targeted response time is 20 minutes on social platforms and 40 minutes on the community forum. We're proud to say that our average agent response time is well below our targeted times, with an average of 7 minutes on social platforms and 14 minutes on the community forum. We use Khoros Care to monitor these response times and provide feedback to our agents, continuously improving their performance.

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Our consolidated platform has enabled us to streamline conversations with the appropriate agents. We use the work queues to ensure that conversations are routed to the right agents and resolved in a timely manner.

The community statistics from last year

We've had 460,000 page views, 4,866,148 visits and 1,248,403 unique visitors. On average, users spend 41.8 minutes online per session. We've had 10,072 kudos given and 2,935 accepted solutions to 54591 posts.

At MYOB, we're committed to building a thriving community where our community members can connect, share ideas, and get the support they need. We're excited to continue growing our community platform and providing exceptional customer support across all channels.

Special Thanks: Roberto Piagentini

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Hi @selvaganapathy -

This is so great to read, wow! I'm really happy that you are finding Manage View useful: the way you are using it is exactly the way I had envisioned our customers using Manage View with complex mutli-channel work streams.

Thank you so much, and let me know if I can assist you. 

Dave Evans

Director, Product Management, Manage View