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Customer Guest Post - Looking at LiNC!

Lithium Alumni (Retired)

We spotted this LiNC-related post by Lily Wong, the community manager at Polycom. You'd know her as Polylily on the Lithosphere. We wanted to share it. Let us know if you have a LiNC post on your thoughts post-event! Thanks Lily!!


Originally posted on Polycom's community blog




Just finished attending the Lithium Networking Conference 2012 (LiNC).  This year, the theme was "Heroes".  Lots of keynotes speakers presenting great knowledge. It was, indeed, a very interactive and informative event. 


We have heard many community success stories from different companies.  Most companies leverage communities for product support while a few others leverage communities for marketing efforts.


I have also learned a couple of new terminologies - the "Social Technographics", the "Mobile Technographics" and the "Always Addressable Customers".


If you are reading this blog, you are already part of the social technographics.  If you are reading this blog on your mobile device, you are already part of the mobile technographics.  What kind of online "social" person are you?

  • Inactive - hum... self-explanatory
  • Spectators - someone who consume content, like reading a thread or a post here 
  • Joiners - members, someone who maintain a profile on the site and visits the site
  • Collectors - someone more advanced, uses RSS or tags
  • Critics - posting reviews, commenting on a thread or a blog, talking about a company's products or services
  • Conversationist - someone who updates status at least once a week
  • Creators - someone who creates blogs, photos, videos


And have you heard of a term "Always Addressable Customer"?  They are usually highly educated, high earning, super connected and extremely socially active.  37% of U.S. adults are already classified as "Always Addressable Customers" and this % number is growing fast.  


Many companies embarking on the social journey should pay attention to these "Always Addressable Customers". Interesting stuff...

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