2023 Customer Awards: Alteryx - Best-in-Class: Community

2023 Customer Awards: Alteryx - Best-in-Class: Community



Company: Alteryx

Company background: Alteryx provides the leading Analytics Automation Platform. We enable everyone to deliver breakthrough outcomes with analytics automation.

Contact: Leandra Naranjo

Title: Community Program Operations Manager

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Kudos Category: Best-in-Class: Community

1. Describe the organization's objectives in launching a Khoros community. What is the use-case and purpose of your community (support, enablement and learning, marketing awareness, customer success, driving sales, product innovation, etc.)? Has the community charter evolved since its launch, and if so, how?

The Maveryx Community (formerly Alteryx Community) partnered with Khoros to launch as a support community in 2015 to provide users with quick access to customer support and product documentation via knowledge articles, forums, and blogs. Over the years, it has matured to encompass learning enablement through certification and academy, global user groups and events, developer-centric spaces, and more. Today, The Maveryx Community is the destination for more than 400,000 Alteryx users to launch and grow their analytics careers together.

As the Community has grown in reach and impact, leadership saw the need to further integrate Community into the full customer lifecycle, providing greater value at scale to customers and potential customers. While this has occurred somewhat organically throughout the years, we’ve taken a more intentional approach over the past two years by focusing on identifying, expanding, and improving the most impactful programs. In tandem with this, we continued to listen to Community members’ needs and focus on enhancing Community from a functionality standpoint.

Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 9.18.06 AM.png

The culmination of cementing Community into the customer lifecycle was brought to life with our rebrand to the Maveryx Community in May 2023. This re-brand brings Maveryx together in a new way, under a shared identity: one they can own, celebrate and champion their companies, families, and communities. The Khoros platform gave us the ability and agility to make all community updates quickly via the settings list editor and custom content. We launched our re-branded assets in one concerted effort within the larger company at our in-person user conference. 

Program focus in 2022/23:  

Academy and Certification – Developed and implemented custom pages for Certification that enabled the launch of 12 new certifications in 2022 & 2023.


Customer Onboarding (Launch Pad)

Developed and implemented a custom page to host Alteryx onboarding lessons, enabling users to learn platform basics at the beginning of the customer lif cycle.

  • Leveraged Khoros / Rustici integration to host onboarding lessons and track user progress and award badges as onboarding is completed
  • Onboarding (Launch Pad)

Alteryx IO

As the Alteryx customer base grows, so has the use of plugins and extensions. In the past year alone, more than 70 new extensions have been created using an SDK. The users of these tools, highly technical engineers, deserve and demand a community where they too can learn, share knowledge, and access resources, hence the creation of Alteryx IO in Community. 

  • Alteryx IO
  • Developed and plan to launch Dark Mode in July 2023 with the support of a 3rd party vendor, Hinterlands. Dark mode is also one of the most requested features in our Value Analytics survey and compliments the recent release of dark mode in our product. 


2. How did the community get brought to life? Was there executive/business/stakeholder buy-in? What was the process to gain this buy-in? How was cross-functional support and organizational adoption achieved?

Alteryx is a mature, well-resourced Community that has benefited from ongoing support at the executive level since its inception. However, we were able to supercharge our support when we could tell the story of the Community using data. Lucky for us, data is our specialty. With 400k+ members, it was easy to gain cross-functional buy-in when we asked teams how we could partner with them to serve and enable them to meet customers’ needs. 

In addition to showing our impact with data, we re-structured where the Community team sits within the larger Company.  Over the years, we’ve sat under Marketing and Strategy, but we found our Goldilocks fit with the Customer Success team in 2022. Finding the right fit has been critical in ensuring we have leaders who understand the value of Community, how we can grow, and advocating for the resources we need to align ourselves with the customer lifecycle.

User Experience Enhancements: 

  • Archival of low-engagement boards to strategically focus on high-impact programs
  • Trifacta migration: 
    • Alteryx acquired Trifacta in 2022. It was critical for us to welcome former Trifacta users to the Maveryx Community and retain the helpful content from the Trifacta Community
    • Migrated approximately 9k users
    • Completed in partnership with the Khoros migration team
  • User Group enablement via Zoom integration:
    • Leaders have more autonomy with the Zoom integration since they can now fully manage virtual meetings.
  • The favorites carousel on the profile page allows users to showcase their favorite content on the Community


3. What were the results? More revenue generated, a reduction of costs, improved customer experience, more innovation, etc.? Tell us how Khoros helped you achieve those results. Please include quantifiable metrics if possible.

Alteryx has seen great success through the use of our Khoros Community. In 2022-2023, we migrated our Trifacta Community, had a Maveryx re-brand that reflected the integration of Community into the customer lifecycle on a wider scale, launched Alteryx IO, removed and consolidated unused boards, invested in education and certification, and developed and implemented some pretty awesome new features along the way! As a result, we now have more data-driven development and focus more on the Community programs that deliver the most value to users. 

Below are some results that we were able to achieve with Khoros that we’re pretty proud of! 

Customer Experience/Customer Satisfaction

  • In 2022, we found that customers who are also Community members have an NPS score 9 points higher than those who are not members of the Community.
  • Increased our CSAT score by 3% in 2023
    • 2022 CSAT score: 77%
    • 2023 CSAT score (to date):  80%

Community Growth

  • With more than 400k members as of 2023, the Maveryx Community continues to show strong growth as we focus on welcoming folks to the Community during the onboarding process:


  • Total community visits continue to climb: 


Community Engagement

  • Users who have earned certifications via Community have exploded:
    • In 2022, we saw a 158% YoY increase in earned certifications
    • As of June 2023, we nearly surpassed the total number of earned certifications in 2022.
  • Engagement metrics in our Designer discussion forum have never looked better! Alteryx Designer is our flagship product, and this board is where users go to get quick answers from fellow members. Notable engagement metrics for Jan - June 2023: 
    • 36 hours - average time to first solution 
    • 4,441 new topics 
    • 4,112  total number of first replies  

Special Thanks: Kasha Taylor

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Alteryx has one of the best communities I ever registered to. I believe there is nothing you can't find there. Also, if you have a question, probably you'll find it answered within the our you posted it (and by highly skilled users).