2023 Customer Awards: Springer Nature Group - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

2023 Customer Awards: Springer Nature Group - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement


Company: Springer Nature Group

Company background: Research and learning are the cornerstones of progress, and publishing plays an integral part in both. Springer Nature Group opens the doors to discovery for researchers, educators, clinicians and other professionals. We provide trusted insights and ensure verified knowledge is easy to find, understand, use and build upon. Ensuring the world makes as much progress in the next 150 years as it has in the last; improving and enriching our lives and helping to protect our planet for future generations.

Contact: Birgit Ladewig

Title: Senior Social Media Manager

Related URLs: https://twitter.com/SpringerNature

Kudos Category: Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

1. Tell us about your integration or unification strategy for connecting multiple CX teams and/or tools with the Khoros solutions.

Khoros allows many of our teams to connect easily and seamlessly. We designed a Competitor Analysis Report along with Khoros Strategic Services. We’ve published two reports so far and we plan to continue to regularly publish similar reports.

For the report, we used Khoros Intelligence to gather and organize data from our owned social media content across our brand and our competitors’ brands to create a clear picture of where Springer Nature stands. In the future, we plan to conduct similar reporting through Talkwalker.

Additionally, we organized Twitter accounts from critical voices from our industry in a Google Sheet and created a Twitter list to monitor those accounts individually via a Khoros Inbox stream. Khoros features allowed us to auto-label these accounts for easy identification in our Twitter inbox and to filter critical conversations from influential accounts.

2. What specific impact has having a more holistic solution had on your customer and employee experiences? What were the benefits?

We’ve always looked at our competitors’ social media activity, but before Khoros, we were never able to monitor it in a structured, organized way. Our Competitor Analysis Report allows us to back up our assumptions with data and track changes over time.

Actively monitoring known industry critics and influencers allows us to have more informed customer interactions. It also offers us an enhanced understanding of our critics’ main concerns and how those concerns relate to each other and our brands. Access to the platform integration Khoros provides has led to simplified knowledge sharing among our team.

Our Competitor Analysis Report is part of our team’s objective to become more data-driven. Working toward specific KPIs helps us prove our social media ROI. We now know exactly how we rank in our industry in terms of audience size across all social media channels and we have a better view of change over time. If any of our competitors outperform us with reach or engagement, we know. We can assess which competitors talk most about specific industry thought-leadership topics and we have a clear picture of our “share of voice.”

Khoros also improved our handling of inbox and issue management, leading to increased efficiency. Key learnings from our Competitor Analysis Report guide our content strategy so we can better position Springer Nature as a thought leader and a great place to work.

3. What specific business outcomes and successes have resulted from the improved customer and employee experiences you have seen using Khoros? Please include quantifiable metrics where possible.

The first reports helped us understand how we can increase our “share of voice” in key industry topics, including DEI and sustainability. We also learned that video content is becoming increasingly important and simple animated images and videos are a great way to keep our audience engaged. We learned that Instagram doesn’t seem to be a priority among our competitors, but it is popular among our audience, especially among early career researchers, so we plan to focus on the channel.

Finally, we learned that we can only do so much with organic social media, especially on YouTube, and we need to continue to invest in paid social media to boost our content.

Khoros helped us spot trending discussions and track critical voices, which has helped us improve our engagement and our content strategy. We’ve strengthened our reputation management due to proactive identification and handling of critical discussions. In the future, we plan to proactively own and shape industry thought-leadership conversations by actively sourcing great stories across our company from our committed and passionate employees.

Special Thanks: Alexandra Hales

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