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Google play review data

Looking for some input here. We're looking to find a way to track our Google Play reviews better. We currently track all the data in an excel doc so our company can track the reviews and know which phone, version of the app, and OS was used. If we integrate our Google Play apps, will we be able to track that same data using Khoros? What info are you able to see other than the review itself and the name attached to it? Not sure who to contact to find out more before we jump into porting them into our queue. 

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Khoros Oracle

@jsquire Google Play Store is a first-class integration in Care (nee Response).  Along with review text, we bring in the rating (stars) as well as the app version as provided by Google, and for Android devices, we also get additional device information. All of this data is available along with the review text, and you are able to define custom tags and rules to automatically tag content per your needs. Beyond that, you can use our analytics (live widgets and reporting) to get access to all the data along with derived metrics just like with other channels.


I recommend you reach out to your CSM or account rep to get additional details around the integration, and they can also help you with the next steps on how you can enable and integrate the Google Play Store for your app(s).