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Do Blog articles have character limits like Discussion Topics?

I see I can set a character limit in Discussion Topics from within the Admin but I cannot do so in blog articles. Is there a hard-coded limit that isn't editable by the admin for blog articles?

Also is the character count for Discussion Topics based on the visible characters or does it count all html? 

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Khoros Staff

There should be a limit defined in input.cfg somewhere although I don't remember what it is off hand. I imagine, practically speaking, the limit would probably allow someone to write a novella, but I suppose it's still technically a limit.

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I believe there is just one setting for this that controls all content types but as I think of it now maybe this should be specific by content type as what's right for a blog might not be for a question. 

You can change this in Admin/ Discussion Styles/ Posts and Topics/ Posts Display


We increased ours to 100,000 for blog owners specifically. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava


The setting in ../t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community%3Aadmin%3Ainteractions%3Aforums%3Amessage-display Makes me think it is more for Discussions than Blog Articles because of where it is located.  There is no Posts Display under the Blogs area.

Admin > Discussion Styles > Posts & Topics > Posts Display is where it is located so this would lead me to believe the setting is for Discussion Topics and Discussion Topic Replies and is not controlling Blog Articles. 

Is the answer above related to the visible characters or visible and invisible as well?


@elbranscomb Yes I upped ours from 10K to 30K. Someone mentioned their blog was truncated but I am skeptical because there wasn't a warning or any formatting or even 6K visible characters.  I was thinking that the function that looks for suspect and unnecessary HTML perhaps was stripping out visible text from copied and pasted from WORD or another website but that doesn't even pass the sniff test. Either way I'd like to know what  the limit applies to and if the limit is for HTML as well.  Hopefully we'll get an answer.

Yeah not sure on why it was truncated if it's not character limit. 

Did you see this doc 

One of the tables mentions:

Maximum number of characters in post

The maximum number of characters in a post (1,000,000) including alphanumeric characters, special characters and spaces. This maximum value applies to all discussion styles.

All discussions styles would include blog based on the logic of what is under the Discussion style tab in Admin and the fact it's listed as a tab under there too for specific changes related to that where possible. 


Senior Community Manager | Strava

I believe the setting count is for visible characters but I'm not 100% sure.

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