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Placement of Spoiler Tag in toolbar causing issues with posts?

I've noticed that we've had a number of people who have posted spoilers in their posts as of late. They click the button then type and then post. When they post, their body text is missing and you only see spoiler.  

From Atlas communityFrom Atlas community

Above is the toolbar from the Atlas community. 

What I've come to realize is that our members (who tend to be above 50 most of the time look and think the spoiler tag is an A and is a way to modify the font. They're not mousing over and reading the help text. Most of them don't even know what a spoiler is.  Once you click it the tag is stuck in there unless you edit the html and remove it.  It's also not visible until you post it and there is no spoiler close tag so if you insert it at first and then type then your entire post will be hidden.  I'm thinking of moving the spoiler tag to the end of the options if that is possible as its going to rarely be used by our members. I might use it on occasion but most of our members will not.

My community. Not expanded.My community. Not expanded.

Here you can see the placement on my community as it stands today on desktop.

My community with expanded toolbar.My community with expanded toolbar.
We're not a techy community so the spoiler and the code ones will almost never be used.  

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Khoros Expert

Hey @MarkAtTruth,

The Khoros support team should be able to configure what buttons show up in the editor. Please open a support case with what you'd like to see and they should be able to get you set up. You can see more details here:

Hope this helps,


@YuriK Great. Didn't know that Support could help with this but super glad they can.

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