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What does your battle station/social command centre look like?

During our hangout on air yesterday @JohnD mentioned how crucial it is for him to have a nice set up with a second monitor to be productive. 


We are keen to see what your battle station or social command centre looks like.


I expect many of you have far exciting setups than mine but I manage to sneak in my brand new personal laptop in at the side 😉
















Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

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Hey all,


Mine is a little broken at the moment but here goes...


Photo not that great but got a growing setup.. Two 19in monitors on my desk for working and just over my monitors suspended from the ceiling are two 42" TV's which is my "poor man's command centre" I use the right screen for realtime google analytics for the 3 main sites I look after and the one on the left "currently broken" Is used for LSI realtime geo view or LSW analytics.


One day.... maybe one day i will have a proper command centre but for now this will have to do 🙂








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