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tags on forum topics



Is it possible to include a specific label on all topics of a unique forum? For example, include the tag/label "Android" automatically on all the post belongs to the "Android Forum".






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I am not into dev stuff but something tells me this must be possible. We have a field on the post page where customers fill in their product name and select the OS from a list and those are being displayed as tags in the message. I can ask our developer to look at your post 🙂
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I don't know if there's an out of the box solution for this. In our case, we asked Lithium to do the customization for us on the back end.


But if you want a quick simple solution, you can try automatically adding the tag to the tag field with Javascript when the user selects one of the android boards on the post page.


If you do this, you risk having some theads not tagged due to user manually deleting the tag, and also you will have to take into consideration that you will have to remove the tag if the user changes the board selection.

Hi @fuenteso !!


Javascript could be a good solution. Thanks!!




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