2023 Customer Awards: Intuit - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

2023 Customer Awards: Intuit - Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

Company: Intuit, QuickBooks

Company background: Intuit is the global technology platform that helps consumers and small businesses achieve financial confidence. Intuit powers prosperity with QuickBooks, Credit Karma, Mailchimp, Mint, and TurboTax.

Contact: Lisa Nullar

Title: Community Manager, QuickBooks Community

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Kudos Category: Holistic Customer and Digital Engagement

1. Tell us about your integration or unification strategy for connecting multiple CX teams and/or tools with the Khoros solutions.

Our journey began in 2017 when we decided that we needed to move on from a legacy homegrown community platform that we had been using since the early 2000’s.  There was no ability to update or adapt the platform to match our plans for Community, and we knew that we needed something that would enable us to quickly scale and launch new and improved experiences for our customers.  Our Social teams were similarly on a hodgepodge of different platforms, some not even able to use Social channels due to lack of resources and ability to manage them effectively.

Knowing that we would be working on a global scale, it was especially important to us to have a product that supported multiple channels, regions, and languages out of the box.  We kept the goals of global accessibility and efficiency as our guiding principles at every point of our journey.  First and foremost however, we wanted to build an ecosystem that allowed us to offer customers a consistent and high quality interaction no matter where they are, or how they contact us.

2. What specific impact has having a more holistic solution had on your customer and employee experiences? What were the benefits?

Our goal is to connect our customers with experts who can help them get back to the business of running their businesses. We want to offer customers experiences in their channel of choice that allow them to not only ask questions and receive answers but to self-serve via our knowledge base articles, videos, tutorials and other resources that live across all of our Digital spaces.

This ‘Digital Ecosystem’ approach has allowed us to standardize the experience for both internal and external users around the globe, as well as allowing for a streamlined onboarding process that offers the ultimate flexibility for teams that may have fewer Experts who cover all channels for a given region.




Some of the benefits that the Khoros Community platform and Care Response tool provide which have helped us to achieve our efficiency goals are:

  • A deep and nimble Admin console that allows easy management for community configurations and user settings across multiple regions
  • Dedicated teams at Khoros to assist with issues or offer solutions when we need help implementing customizations
  • Robust forum discussions to allow users to interact with each other and QuickBooks employees for assisted experiences, as well as allowing teams to experiment with additional Content modules such as Blogs, Knowledge Bases, Events, etc to offer even more value to customers. 
  • Fully customizable and localizable skin designs - including the ability to create templates and deploy layouts in multiple languages for a consistent look and feel across all our communities was a game changer in our being able to stand up new regional communities with minimal resources needed2023-06-07_9-23-06.png
  • Centralized response tool that can handle multiple streams (Community, Facebook, Twitter, etc) in a wide range of regions and languages.  Using Khoros Care, we currently offer support across:
    • 11 different countries
    • 4 different languages
    • 15+ distinct product lines
    • 14 individual Community sites
    • 9 Facebook pages
    • 9 Twitter accounts
    • 6 Instagram accounts
    • 4 YouTube accounts
    • 3 LinkedIn accounts
    • 3 TikTok accounts
    • Multiple listening channels for keyword and sentiment monitoring2023-06-07_10-07-47.png



  • Having a single response tool gives teams the ability to quickly and easily move Experts between channels to handle fluctuating volume without losing time to additional training.  It also creates a single source of truth for leadership to quickly view real time analytic dashboards to understand volume and what issues might be driving it. 2023-06-07_9-28-02.png



3. What specific business outcomes and successes have resulted from the improved customer and employee experiences you have seen using Khoros? Please include quantifiable metrics where possible.

Being able to build and design an experience that allows agents to focus solely on helping customers instead of having to worry about what tool they need or what login to remember has helped drive astounding results:

In Community


  • Worldwide 24/7 Average TAR reduced 11% YoY for same time period.  
  • Estimated Contact Deflection rate increased 29% across the same time period year over year (in US community)
  • Number of Value Analytics survey responses submitted increased 51% across the same time period year over year (in US community)
  • 90 day Retention rate for Community members increased 22.2% across the same time period year over year (in US community)
  • And by using Care to handle all incoming community volume, 60 agents responded to 73% of incoming posts across all English language communities with an average TAR of 4.5 hours or less worldwide 24/7.  

In Social: 


  • Avg TAR reduced 29% YoY for same time period
  • US Customer Confirmed Resolution increased 13% YoY using Care to follow up with customers that had been in contact with an agent recently. 
  • Escalations out of social channels decreased 40% YoY

Using Care:


  • Calendar Year 2022 Volume:
    • Incoming Posts across all channels: 370,309
    • QuickBooks Responses across all channels: 159,393
  • 73 Work Queues and 90 Smart Views allow for clear analytics showing volume, agent productivity, TAR/SLA, etc across all regions, products, and digital channels
  • 5 Shared Dashboards offer quick and concise top level analytics for shareholders including volume, agent performance, TAR & SLA metrics in one easy to consume glance

Special Thanks: Craig Palumbo

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