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Re: Community Manager Meet Ups (UK)


It's great to read there is so much interest in the Community events and I'm happy to provide some more information for you all on Spredfast + Lithium's event plans for the region. We're actively supporting the first Community Meet Up for Europe this year which is taking place in Berlin. As you're all aware, these events are typically hosted and lead by customers, but because of the tremendous value and interest, my marketing team in Europe are available to support in any way we can. So please do let me know if you're interested in hosting via the community, or directly at

I'm pleased to see so many of our European contacts received their first invite to the Spredfast + Lithium London Summit yesterday. First of all, I would like to be clear that we're working tremendously hard to ensure this event brings together the best of both the Lithium CX Live andLiNC events and Spredfast's Smart Social London. We'll launch the agenda in the next week, and I'll post an update here, so you're all aware, but we're focused on ensuring that all guests get the maximum value from their attendance and experience an event which exceeds their previous expectations.

After cancelling LiNC in 2017, Lithium wanted to make it up to our customers by resetting the stage, so to speak and hosting our one-time-only CX Live series. So the forum was a roadshow with a more intimate setting and no cost. This year, we’re back to investing in a more robust event with engaging speakers and an enriched experience for attendees. As a new company, we’re setting a new baseline with our customers. We’ve got exciting plans for this year’s event. We hope to see you there!