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Lithys 2017: Fido Solutions Inc. - Social Support Champion

Lithys 2017: Fido Solutions Inc. - Social Support Champion

Having achieved these milestones, promoting them came without question. In fact, social media is listed first on the Contact Us page of our website, as part of our digital strategy.




FIdoteaser.pngCompany: Fido Solutions Inc.                                                                

Entry submitted by: Caroline Lalonde (Senior Manager, Community & Social Media)

Community: The Fido Community



Lithy category: Social Support Champion


Digital customer experience has been a growing focus for years, as it supports our ‘low touch no touch’ contact strategy. Fido’s mission is to connect people and give them the tools to do what they love. That’s why wherever our customers are looking for help online, we’re there. From public/ private chats on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, on third-party forums or our own Community, we offer a consistent and reliable customer experience.


In 2016, Fido was part of the first telecommunications company in Canada to officially launch Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message as support channels. With Facebook Messenger, our customers could search for us the same way they look up their friends. Shortly after, we launched an internal Social Media Quality initiative aimed to streamline the highest quality customer service standards across the department. In September, we officially launched Twitter business profiles, which includes published service times (so our customers know when we are available to help), service-related tweets on our newsfeeds (so our users can find the most relevant information quickly) and more.


Having achieved these milestones, promoting them came without question. In fact, social media is listed first on the Contact Us page of our website, as part of our digital strategy.

Social Support Champion 1.png

 We promoted the launches on all of our social media platforms and blogged about them to create hype in the Community.


Social Support Champion 2.png 

Our promotional efforts proved to be effective. By the end of 2016, our social support team was responding to four times the volume of social media posts compared to the previous year. We tripled the size of the Social Media Support Team and still managed to decrease our response time and earn the “Very Responsive’ badge on Facebook.


Social Support Champion 3.pngSMM FOR SERVICE

Social Media Management for Service proved to be social media’s ally on our road to success in 2016. Our Social Media representatives are universal agents, which means they are trained to handle anything and everything. To help them stay on top, we launched Expert Help; a feature that allows our employees to seek internal assistance, whether it be related to the Community, brand, PR or internal processes. We also developed dashboards and monitoring walls, and we put together an advanced tagging and queuing strategy in SMM for Service. This resulted in an aligned response strategy across all platforms and allowed us to leverage Smartviews through analytics to improve daily operations and enhance the overall digital customer experience.


Part of our digital strategy is to keep our eyes on what is happening across social media. We made it a habit to frequent external platforms, be proactive on Twitter, and follow conversations that weren’t necessarily directed at us. Whether on the reviews section of our mobile app (in the App Store and Play Store) or a trending thread on Reddit, we made sure it was on our radar.Social Support Champion 4.png

Working closely with our Brand team throughout the year made for a seamless and consistent experience when it came to Fido sponsored campaigns, events and contests.


Despite the large increase in inquiries, we managed to improve on our numbers across the board when compared to 2015.


Social Support Champion 5.png



SMM for Service also proved to be the perfect tool when responding to our Community members. It allowed us to find the happy-medium between giving our members enough time to participate and for the others to get their answers in a reasonable timeframe.  This meant that no post ever went unanswered. This is when the Snooze feature in SMM for Service became instrumental to our strategy. It’s quite simple; our moderators would “snooze” posts that could be answered by other community members. If a post was directed at Fido or was account-specific, our moderators would jump in and respond in real time. Whether it was to go over a bill or activate a new account, our moderators offered full support via private messaging with a shared Community profile to allow for a seamless experience to our customers.


Using SMM for Service to moderate and offer support in the Fido Community gave us access to additional reporting features and the ability to enhance the overall productivity of our moderators. SMM for Service not only made life easier for our moderators, it also gave us access to analytics. Coupled with LSI, these tools allowed us to better understand our customers and their needs. We knew what our members were talking about, what they were looking for and if they found it. We created articles based on the information we were able to harness from these tools. These articles were shared in our internal knowledge base so that our contact center representatives (call, chat, social) could share the information with their customers, thus reducing handle time, increasing customer satisfaction and promoting self-serve. The articles are regularly promoted on our social media channels to increase visibility.


2016 was a huge year for our Community and Social Media team. We restyled and gave new life to the Community, and reshaped how we operate and interact on our social media channels. We’re thrilled to provide the exceptional service our customers have come to expect.


Here’s a snapshot of how our Community performed last year.

Social Support Champion 6.png






Great story and some solid growth to be proud of!

Thanks @Fellsteruk! Love what you've done with the TalkTalk community - looks amazing!