February 2024 Atlas Highlights

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Celebrating CMAD 2024 with a thank you
This month, we recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world using different platforms and tools to build stronger communities, along with better customer experiences.

This year, we want to flip CMAD on its head a bit and instead share my appreciation for everyone who has helped me build, and who continues to help me build, community here on Atlas.


Strategic Services Global Trend Round-Up: 1st February 2024
Congrats, everyone! We made it through January! Check out the latest trends and updates to round out the starting month of 2024.



Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 | Khoros Social Media Management
Check out these new social media software capabilities that make social publishing and engaging even easier.


Now Available: Publish Stories directly to Instagram
One of the most requested SMM features is now available!
Users now have the capability to post Stories directly to Instagram through Khoros.

Choose an Instagram account, and select "Stories" from the placement dropdown menu. A maximum of 10 images, videos, or a combination thereof can be published.


Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 Launch | Khoros Service
Our team is excited to share the latest features of our customer service software. See what new capabilities are available now.


Change Log: See when an integration has been reconnected
Admins can now use the Change Log to see when a particular source integration has been reconnected. When any administrator takes a reconnection action, a Source Integration Reconnected event is added on the Change Log page.


Agent View accessibility and Brand Messenger update
To maintain a11y compliance in Agent View, we have improved accessibility for the Suggested Knowledge Base Articles section below the response field. Agents can now press the Tab key to navigate among the tabs in this section and press the Enter key or the Spacebar to select a tab.

The Brand Messenger Modern Chat Preview pane has been updated to more accurately reflect the appearance of the widget.



Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 Launch | Khoros Communities

Learn more about the two new engagement features, Ideas, and Rank, now available in the next generation of Khoros Communities.


Community Aurora 23.12 Release Notes

Events are now released for General Availability (GA), and based on their notification preferences, members can now receive email notifications regarding Events.

In this release, we've introduced two widgets on the Ideas Dashboard, Ideas by Age, and Idea Status Set/Idea Statuses.


Khoros Communities 23.12 Release

We have enhanced the Inappropriate content reporting feature to align with DSA standards, empowering community members to report undesirable content. Now, they can report community posts (including comments and replies), Private Messages, and User Profiles. Anonymous reporting is available for both posts (including comments and replies) and User Profiles, ensuring a safer and more compliant online community experience.


Engaging Atlas Discussions
Some discussion areas are limited to Khoros customers only. If you are a customer and unable to access anything, click the chat bubble (bottom right) and type Customer Access.

How can you make it easier for Google to crawl your community site, @Mercedes_O asks? @Claudius chimed in with a helpful and thorough response, including custom code, and even created a separate how-to write-up. Way to go!

Just how much can you restrict visibility of different areas of your community? @CarolineS and @Claudius were happy to explain. Great answers and great question @mmeagher!

There's all kinds of neat platform functionality in sometimes unexpected places. @StanGromer found one such feature related to column sorting in Analytics that made his work more efficient and called it out for others. We appreciate it, Stan!


Top Engaged Contributors

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @tyw, @CarolineS, @StanGromer, @Akenefick, @Claudius, @CyJervis, @AbhishekIlindra, @isxtn, @JasonHill, and @Toby!

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